Tigercare Roll-On, 1000mg CBD

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Get consistent ache relief with our Pharmacist developed all-natural plant-based formula. Our proprietary botanical herbal Roll-On is a unique all-natural formulation of premium ingredients containing terpenes and fortified with a hefty 1,000 mg of pure (CBD) broad spectrum THC-Free phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract to offer a superior holistic topical product for your needs. Expertly formulated with the finest herbs and essential oils to deliver the best bioavailability and to encourage the most favorable outcome by stimulating local blood flow making you feel better. Topical Tigercare CBD Roll-On is fast absorbing and easy to apply to aching and sore joints and muscles. Tigercare CBD Ache Roll-On contains no additives or preservatives. 


1.4oz (42mL)

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Fast Acting

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Pharmacist Developed

All-Natural Plant Based Formula

THC Free

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It all started with our Tiger-Tiger CBD ache salve.  The great salve is used by many of our Chiropractic partners, massage therapists  and customers since we started.  Our partners who provide daily massages and chiropractic care wanted an easy to use a fast acting all-natural ache treatment.  Based on the great Tiger-Tiger CBD ache salve, the roll-on is even faster and easier to use with the massaging roller ball applicator and glass container. The effectiveness of Tigercare is even more pronounced due to the synergetic effect of the underlying formula with 1000mg of CBD, proprietary herbal infusion and essential oils which contain a generous number of terpenes providing anti-inflammatory and anti-ache properties.  Our partners have been extremely happy with the results from Tigercare.  Try Tigercare CBD Roll-On for everyday joint and muscle discomfort.

Sesame Seed Oil*, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Cayenne Pepper Extract*, Menthol, Camphor, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract, Vitamin E Oil.

*Organic Ingredients.

ACT Organics focusses on developing skin products with a high content of active natural and organic ingredients known to nourish, enrich and protect your skin.  Pharmacist formulated to promote well-being by stimulating local blood flow making you feel better, to reduce discomfort from muscle soreness, joint aches, stiffness and swelling. Tigercare CBD Roll-On is an all-natural plant-based formulation carefully vetted for performance.  This proprietary formula with our infused oil process and essential oils will help soothe sore muscles and aching joints.  However, we added 1,000 mg of pure Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract to enhance the synergistic effects of the existent terpenes which reduce aches and soreness so you will feel better for hours.  Tigercare roll-on has also been effective reducing aches and soreness when applied before bed, so you can get a good night’s sleep to help you rest and recover.  It also has a great cinnamon scent!

Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On is effective as soon as the product is absorbed into the skin. Unlike tincture oils, which have to be metabolized inside the body, topicals applied locally for pinpointed accuracy.  Tigercare roll-on is in a glass bottle so one can massage in with the roller ball focusing on muscle knots, aches and joints with fasy soothing care.  Tigercare Roll-On is the ideal choice for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD with carefully vetted infused hers and terpenes through topical application.  Pick up some Tigercare roll-on today and use it as often as needed.

All ACT Organics products are made in the USA, sourcing only the best quality natural and organic raw materials.  Our high-quality Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract is also sourced from the U.S.A.  This helps us ensure the highest quality products for you.  ACT Organics strives to use all-natural and organic ingredients whenever possible.

For adults over 18 years of age.

Please perform a skin test prior to use (as with all topicals). If any irritation occurs, do not use the product.

Apply Tigercare Roll-on gently into sore muscles and joints liberally as needed throughout the day.  Apply before bed on aches for a restful night’s sleep.  Avoid using on delicate or broken skin and eyes.  Wash hands well after each use.  The natural orange color will slowly disappear after being rubbed efficiently into skin, which is an indicator that Tigercare has been applied evenly and given enough time to asor into skin correctly.  This product may stain clothing and bedding. Individual results may vary.

*This all-natural plant-based formula is applied topically and is not to be ingested.

Consult your healthcare provider If you are nursing, pregnant or taking medications.

Legal Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.  You are advised to consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.  We do not sell or distribute any products in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act.  We do sell and distribute products that may contain hemp derived ingredients. Individual results may vary.

For external use only.
Do not ingest.
For topical use only.
Keep out of reach of children, pets, and others.
Avoid using on delicate or broken skin, eyes, and mucous membranes.
Use only as directed.
Do not apply to wounds, damaged or irritated skin.
Do not bandage, cover with wrap, or use a heating pad.
Do not use 1 hour prior to bathing or within 30 minutes after bathing.
Stop use and ask a doctor if condition worsens, severe skin irritation occurs, aches persist for more than 7 days.
Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you have sensitive skin.
If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison Control Center immediately.

Product Life

  • 18-month shelf life.


  • Pharmacist developed
  • 100% All-natural formula
  • Massaging Roller Ball
  • Fast acting anti-inflammatory
  • Herbal infused formula
  • Provides relief from aches and stiffness
  • THC-Free broad-spectrum cannabinoid rich hemp extract
  • Easy, convenient, and long lasting
  • No interference with Gastric and Intestinal Fluids
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Employs ACT Organics oil maceration process
  • No additives, preservatives, parabens, synthetics, or harsh chemicals
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • Extensive terpene profile
  • Warming and soothing

How much Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On comes in a container?

  • You can purchase ACT Organics Topical Tigercare All-Natural Roll-On in 1.4 oz glass roll-on applicators.

How often can I use Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On?

  • As often as needed during the day for muscle or joint aches and stiffness. Tigercare is excellent when applied before bed to reduce aches and stiffness and help get a good night’s sleep.

How does Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On benefit me?

  • The benefit of Topical Tigercare Roll-On is a carefully vetted Pharmacist developed formula that has its roots in herbal family remedies passed down through a few generations that support joint and muscle well-being.

Is there any THC in Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On?

  • No, ACT Organics utilizes third-party labs to ensure that there is no detectable THC in any ACT Organics products.

How much CBD is in the Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On?

  • Tigercare comes in 1,000mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD hemp extract.

ACT Organics salves contains broad spectrum CBD. What does that mean?

  • Broad spectrum means that our CBD products contain a variety of other natural terpenes, cannabinoids and compounds found naturally in the hemp plant. Our products employ the full efficacy of the hemp plant for the body’s benefit!

Where should I store my ACT Organics products?

  • All ACT Organic products should be stored at room-temperature in a dry location.

Can ACT Organics Tigercare roll-on be used with other ACT Organics non-CBD products or Other ACT Organics CBD products?

  • You can easily combine the roll-on with your daily soft gel or tincture regiment to enjoy all the benefits of CBD, inside and out.

Does Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On contain any Tiger parts or animal by-products.

  • Absolutely not! ACT Organics Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-on is just a catchy name that came about from the rich orange color that just reminds us of a Tiger! It is an old family natural remedy that soothes many bodily discomforts and aches. As fast as a Tiger pounces!

Is shipping free for ACT Organics products?

  • Yes, shipping is free on all ACT Organics orders.

Can I use ACT Organics Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On with an Ache Patch?

  • One should avoid placing an ache-patch or wrapping an area that has the Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On applied. Wait about an hour or more before trying an Ache Patch on area that used Topical Tigercare All-Natural CBD Roll-On.

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