“Pharmacy has been consistently rated the most
trusted profession” – William N. Kelley

Licensed Pharmacists

Professionals, You Can Trust

ACT Organics has a team of highly educated, well trained Pharmacists with over 25 years of clinical and retail experience that are focused on helping you attain the highest quality of life through medications, counseling, education, herbal and holistic approach along with adherence to the latest health standards. Combined with our team of Formulation and Herbal Scientists we look forward to continuing our pursuit of developing plant-based remedies incorporating CBD as well as non-CBD products for your well-being and skin health adhering to our standard of 100% natural plant-based active formulas and beauty products.

Our Team focuses on formulating with a wealth of proven plant-based oils and infusing these oils with a variety of known plants and flowers which impart many additional benefits to these base oils. The proprietary infusion process extracts additional anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic and antifungal active compounds for use in the final formulas. We then enhance these formulas with various other natural oils and essential oils from certified organic, organic and natural sources. The processes we employ, and the potent natural efficacy of these formulas keep them shelf life stable at room temperature for over 12 months when stored under our product recommendations.

All our formulations are 100% plant based and natural, thus one may find a small spec or piece of plant matter in the product. Although we do our best to separate this natural plant matter from the final products, they sometimes get through our processes. Any specs or pieces of plant matter are not harmful and do not affect the performance of the final formulation in any way and can be used with confidence.

Please visit us often for our updated product news and offerings, where nurture meets nature.